Sunday, November 6, 2011

Friedrich Wuhrer performs the 4th Piano Concerto of Beethoven

A very fine performance of the 4th Piano Concerto of Beethoven is up today. Accompanied by the Bamberg Symphony under Jonel Perlea, this partnership of like minds turns in a taut, yet flexible, reading which focuses on details that other gloss over.

Friedrich Wuhrer was an excellent craftsman and a sensitive interpreter of the classical and romantic repertoire. Though he recorded many lps for Vox, he never achieved the status of the most elite of pianists. I'm not sure why this is the case because he had the chops and fine musicianship of the best of the best. Whatever the reasons, I've not heard a recording of his that I did not find probing, intelligent and satisfying. This Beethoven concerto is one of the great ones and I believe much credit must be given to the excellent Jonel Perlea. Rather then go on, I'll point you to the third movement as proof of a collaboration that is vital and highly musical.

Coupled with the 4th concerto is the Choral Fantasy, this time from Vienna with Clemens Krauss conducting. Krauss' Akademie Kammerchor and VSO turn in spirited work and the more then competent choral soloists come from the ranks of the Kammerchor.

The Choral Fantasy dates from 1954 and I think the piano concerto is 1956/7 on this momaural record.